A Committed Effort​​​​ Starting as an informal family gatherings for festivals of Eid and Iftaar in 1998, families from Kerala (India) in UK formed MMCWA (Malayalee Muslim Cultural and Welfare Association UK) in 2004 as a UK registered Charity (registration number 1110774). Main aim of the association was to provide […]

To doubts that the government can be trusted to honour promises to maintain post-Brexit workplace, environmental and food standards must now be added very real concerns about its continued adherence to international human rights law – meaning, specifically, the European convention on human rights. Such prospective backsliding is foolish, damaging […]

The price of bitcoin has risen sharply and several exchanges have been overloaded after India‘s Supreme Court overturned a ban on cryptocurrency trading. The ruling quashed an April 2018 order by the country’s central bank that prohibited banks and financial institutions from providing “any service in relation to virtual currencies”. Bitcoin’s value rose by around 5 […]

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