Making Nadan food ‘fashionable’: Connect Malayali children in the UK with their cultural cuisine!

Malayali families in the UK who run many events throughout the year had to rethink (because of the lockdown restrictions) about the way they engaged in community events. One such organization KAMP came up with a Food makeover contest that invited their members to submit extraordinary makeover of ordinary every day Kerala cuisine. Dr Roshni Riaz from Poovathani bordering Malappuram and Palakad explains : “ Most food contests are about elaborate dishes and desserts but this was something a little different and simpler. Families were invited to send pictures of the most ‘ordinary’ nadan food served in the most extraordinary way. So the focus was more on the way it was presented. It turned out to be a very popular activity with children becoming very involved in Kerala’s unique food heritage. Even we were taken by surprise by the sheer creativity of the presentation of food that we eat almost every day. It was a powerful lesson in the diversity of our food culture.”

 The winning entry was selected by online anonymous polling and the winners were announced by popular Riyadh based youtuber and vlogger Shamsheera  ( – whose videos on her channel ‘Momtastic’ have more than a million views.

The paid entries raised money for a special needs project in Kerala  – one of the many supported by KAMP.

The competition was held at special zoom event where popular singer Afsal live streamed his hit numbers to a virtual gathering of more than a hundred people across the UK..Below are some of the winning entries & the streaming of the food contest event can be found here:

Food with Music :

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Fri Jul 10 , 2020
കീ​ഴാ​റ്റൂ​ര്‍: പി​ഞ്ചു​കു​ഞ്ഞു​ള്‍​പ്പെ​ടെ അ​പ​ക​ട​ത്തി​ല്‍ പ​രി​ക്കേ​റ്റ്​ റോ​ഡ​രി​കി​ല്‍ കി​ട​ക്കു​ന്ന​ത്​ ക​ണ്ട്​ ആ ​ബ​സ്​ ജീ​വ​ന​ക്കാ​രു​ടെ ഉ​ള്ളൊ​ന്ന്​ പി​ട​ഞ്ഞു. ആ ​രം​ഗം അ​വ​ഗ​ണി​ച്ച്‌​ ക​ട​ന്നു​പോ​കാ​നാ​യി​ല്ല അ​വ​ര്‍​ക്ക്. സ്​​കൂ​ട്ട​ര്‍ മ​റി​ഞ്ഞ്​ റോ​ഡ​രി​കി​ല്‍ കി​ട​ന്ന കു​ഞ്ഞി​നെ​യും ഉ​പ്പ​യെ​യും ഉ​മ്മ​യെ​യും വാ​രി​യെ​ടു​ത്ത്​ ബ​സു​മാ​യി ആ​ശു​പ​ത്രി​യി​ലേ​ക്ക്​ കു​തി​ച്ചു അ​വ​ര്‍. ക​ഴി​ഞ്ഞ​ദി​വ​സം വൈ​കീ​ട്ട്​ ആ​റോ​ടെ​യാ​ണ്​ പെ​രി​ന്ത​ല്‍​മ​ണ്ണ-​നി​ല​മ്ബൂ​ര്‍ പാ​ത​യി​ല്‍ പൂ​ന്താ​നം പി.​എ​ച്ച്‌.​സി ബ​സ്​ സ്​​റ്റോ​പ്പി​ന്​​ തൊ​ട്ട​ടു​ത്താ​യി റോ​ഡി​ലെ എ​ഡ്​​ജി​റ​ങ്ങി സ്​​കൂ​ട്ട​ര്‍​ മ​റി​ഞ്ഞ​ത്. ഈസ​മ​യം നി​ല​മ്ബൂ​രി​ല്‍​നി​ന്ന്​ പെ​രി​ന്ത​ല്‍​മ​ണ്ണ​യി​ലേ​ക്ക്​ സ​ര്‍​വി​സ്​ ന​ട​ത്തു​ക​യാ​യി​രു​ന്ന ‘ഷ​ബ്​​ന’ ബ​സ്​ […]

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