MMCWA – An Introduction

A Committed Effort​​​​
Starting as an informal family gatherings for festivals of Eid and Iftaar in 1998, families from Kerala (India) in UK formed MMCWA (Malayalee Muslim Cultural and Welfare Association UK) in 2004 as a UK registered Charity (registration number 1110774). Main aim of the association was to provide social, religious and cultural support to the community, giving special attention to the needs of youngsters who needed guidance and support to understand their religious and cultural roots at the same time integrating well into the social structure of Great Britain.
MMCWA is working towards a better social life for the Malayalee Muslim Community in UK by constantly trying to organise events, which meets aspirations of the community. MMCWA regularly organise cultural events for the community where families can get together, enjoy company of each other, and watch their children participating in various performances at these events. Regular events also include talks on topics of interest including religious, health and well being.

Help in need​
With the main aim as above, MMCWA also undertakes various relief activities:
• Raising fund to support charities involved in disaster relief efforts to help people affected by unexpected natural calamities. Bangladesh Cyclone Relief in 2007, Pakistan Flood Relief in 2010, Nepal Relief in 2015 and Kerala Flood Relief in 2018 are some of these relief efforts.
• Provide financial and other support to families within the Community whenever the need arise. Regularly raised fund to provide essential financial support to cover funeral and other expenses of deceased members and their grieving families.
• Provide financial assistance to families in Kerala by fundraising, responding to appeals received, to meet medical and other unexpected financial burdens.
MMCWA Centre in London
At its first Annual General Meeting of April 2005 held in London, attended by about 700 members of its community, MMCWA announced setting up of a building fund for purchase of property in London to use as Islamic Centre. This was to be used for meeting many of its charitable objectives including children’s and youth classes and activities, counselling centre, small family gatherings, Islamic Library, holding of Janaza Prayer etc. Over the years, many well-wishers within the Community and others, including many from overseas, contributed to the fund. After thirteen years from setting up, in March 2018, MMCWA managed to purchase a D1 Licensed property in Northolt, North West London. With fund available on hand of £ 290,000 and purchase value of £ 625,000, MMCWA needed borrowing to complete purchase. During weekends, MMCWA is using the property to hold free classes and activities for children and youth on various topics and subjects. During weekdays, the property occupied by children’s day nursery earning income for MMCWA to meet monthly loan repayment commitments. Besides this, many members of the community are contributing total £ 1,100 every month through monthly standing order donations. MMCWA is hoping to increase this number by requesting more members to come forward setting up regular standing orders to donate in order to reduce loan repayment period. Anybody wishing to support in this please use MMCWA’s bank account with
Unity Trust Bank, Sort code 60-83-01 Account number 20392086 .
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